Party at our place: The 3Down Get Down

A couple of years ago, a few select members of the 3DownNation crew had an epic Grey Cup night, hitting as many of the parties as we could in one memorable evening. But the question remained, how could we top it?

The answer: have our own little bash.

And so at Grey Cup 2017 in Ottawa, we’ll be hosting the first ever 3Down Get Down at Craft Beer Market in the Landsdowne development literally a few feet from TD Place. We’ll start at 1 p.m., Saturday, November 25 and plan to wrap up at around 3 p.m. and see where the evening takes us.

I’ll be there. So will Justin Dunk. Probably a few other interesting people (we’ll provide updates on Twitter as we figure it out.) We’ll talk some football, have some laughs, maybe drink some beer. They’ll likely be some free food.

We’ll have the Vanier Cup on TV and Dunk might know a thing or two about Canadian university football prospects who could star on a CFL field soon.

Read 3DownNation on a semi-regular basis? Coming to Grey Cup this year? Then you’re invited. Even Rider fans. Hell, especially Rider fans. Unfortunately, we only have a limited number of tickets, so grab them here. Like this site, they’re free. But please only snag one if you plan on being there.

Got a question? Drop me a line at [email protected]. Better yet, grab a ticket to the 3Down Get Down and ask me in person…

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