Former Stampeder suspected of killing wife blames football for health issues

A former Calgary Stampeders linebacker suspected of killing his wife complained about the impact football had on his health in a video posted after the killing.

Prosecutors say that Anthony D. McClanahan has been arrested but not yet charged in the death of Keri “KC” McClanahan. She was found Thursday in a Park City hotel with knife wounds to her throat. He has also been charged with child kidnapping after authorities say the 46-year-old took his eight-year-old son from an Arizona school on Oct. 3 without the mother’s permission, then travelled through Nevada and Utah.

McClanahan played 55 games for the Stampeders between 1995 and 1998, making 227 tackles and registering 18 sacks.

According to WTOL, the CBS affiliate in Toledo, Ohio, McClanahan took to social media to express concern about his health and the game.

The same day KC’S body was found, a 19-minute video was posted on YouTube showing Anthony in a hospital bed, talking about concussions. It’s unclear when the video was taken, but the video apparently has since been removed.

“I know a lot of my football buddies don’t want to tell you what they have going on. I can’t keep it a secret any more,” Anthony McClanahan said in the video. “I feel like I’m dying every second of every day I play that damn sport. Tackle football is the devil.”

A short story published on May 7, 1999 says McClanahan played in only 11 regular season games after “suffering a season-ending neck injury that required off-season surgery. “Ant Mac” leaves the team as one of the most colourful players to ever wear the Red and White of the Stampeders.”

– with files from CP, WTOL, Canoe.