Esks offensive lineman says visitor locker rooms at new Mosaic are not so nice

With the Edmonton Eskimos set to play the Saskatchewan Roughriders tonight for the right not to lay waste to the East Division, Edmonton offensive lineman Justin Sorensen used Twitter to harp on the accommodations provided to Rider guests.

The Riders opened the new $278 million Mosaic Stadium this stadium which features a number of state-of-the-art amenities including a lavish player’ lounge, a barbershop and a 4,450-square-foot open-concept locker room. The team spent $19 million on their portion of the facility.

The opposition digs, however, are less opulent. Teams have complained about limited space for training and medical staff and the Toronto Argonauts were less than impressed when the air conditioning mysteriously stopped working in late July when temperatures were in the low 30s.

Predictably, reaction to Sorensen’s ranged from Rider fans chirping about home field advantage to others slamming the “classless” organization. And his former teammate Eddie Steele, now with the Riders, couldn’t help himself…

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