Test project will allow fans in Hamilton to see video replay review in real time

Ticat fans at Friday’s season finale against the Montreal Alouettes will be able to see what the command centre sees during video replay reviews.

According to the CFL, the league is running a “test pilot” on Friday that will display the replay official’s screen in Toronto on the video board at Tim Hortons Field during reviews. That means fans will see, in real time, what the command centre is reviewing. 

The command centre has come under fire repeatedly over the last few seasons, particularly in Hamilton. The league has acknowledged errors on several replay calls, including one in a game earlier this season that was played at Tim Hortons Field.

There’s no word on whether the league is showing command centre replays in-stadium on a larger scale next season, though “test pilot” would indicate they are at least considering it. But there was no official release accompanying Friday’s plan and the CFL did not respond to questions about the initiative.

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