Argos activate versatile playmaker Anthony Coombs

Toronto has taken Anthony Coombs off the six-game injured list, which means he’s healthy and ready to get back into game action.

He suffered a shoulder injury – broken collarbone – in Week 9 against Montreal (August 19) which required surgery and he’s been healing ever since. Toronto plays B.C. in Week 20 in a game the Argos need to win in order to claim the East Division regular season title.

Coombs had been on pace for a career year with 426 receiving yards in nine games (486 in 2015 was his best) until the setback happened. A versatile offensive player who can line up at running back or receiver, Coombs displayed consistent playmaking ability in 2017.

Under head coach Marc Trestman the 25-year-old University of Manitoba product was breaking out and growing out of Andre Durie’s shadow.

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