Bo Levi Mitchell responds to Riders’ shut your mouth call

Riders radio play-by-play man Rod Pedersen may have told Bo Levi Mitchell to shut his mouth but the franchise quarterback didn’t hear the call until days after the game.

“What I did see on Twitter…was something about Rod Pedersen and his call. I have not heard it yet so I do want to hear it. Let’s check out Rod Pedersen’s call here,” Mitchell said on his weekly Bo Show on Sportsnet 960 radio in Calgary.

The production staff at Sportsnet 960 played the soundbite.

“That truly is my first time hearing it. Rod great call, man, great call,” Mitchell said.

Then Mitchell described how the play happened from his point of view.

“Honestly, my first thought when it happened, so No. 7 comes around the edge and I don’t complete my throw all the way, I let it go high and I knew right away: this is either a dropped pick or a pick, because my receiver is not touching this ball. And as soon as I heard a minimal amount of the crowd go wild I knew it wasn’t our part of the crowd,” Mitchell said.

“And I get knocked down, I turn around and I look and I just see No. 89 with the ball and I was like “oh sh*t. I knew what happened. Then my second thought was ok, just don’t let him score a touchdown, that’s all that matters right here. Don’t let him get in the end zone and as soon as I get up, spin around, run to the field, he had started…and walks into the end zone untouched. So, Duron, great pick man. Ridernation the troll tweets weren’t even fair…literally thousands.”

Mitchell said he won’t shut his mouth as Pederson told him to do on the radio.

“No. I will eat my words and that’s what I did right away I said respect to Duron for the great play after the game on Twitter.”

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