Trevor Harris loves Ottawa and wants to stay with Redblacks

Trevor Harris is a pending free agent and would love to stay in Ottawa.

“I can say unequivocally, right here, right now, that I’ve spoken to Trevor about this and he loves being in Ottawa. If the negotiations go, and these things are always variables when agents get involved and obviously money is a very particular monster given a salary cap of just over $5 million dollars in the CFL,” Matthew Scianitti said on TSN 1200 radio in Ottawa. “But I know, Trevor Harris has told me, on the record, he loves Ottawa and wants to stay in Ottawa. This is a guy who is committed to this franchise, who since coming to Ottawa has really fallen in love with the city…the one thing Trevor Harris has maintained over and over again is his love for the city and I really, really, really think he wants to stay in Ottawa and is going to do everything he can, he and his representation are going to try their best to make that happen.”

Harris has started 14 games for the Redblacks in 2017, passing for 4,366 yards with 28 touchdowns and eight interceptions. Ottawa went 1-2 without Harris in the lineup which gives him a 6-6-1 record as the starter.

The Redblacks sit atop the East Division after Harris has returned to the No. 1 quarterback spot and leading two comeback wins in those outings.