Potential Duron Carter discipline about season-long antics, not just fight

If Duron Carter is punished by the Riders, his involvement in a practice fight won’t be the only reason.

Discipline could include being fined by the organization as stated in a standard CFL player contract.

The player agrees that should he at any time or times, or in any manner, fail to comply with the covenants or agreements on his part herein contained, the club shall have the right for so long as he continues to fail to so comply, to suspend or discipline him. Further, should the player at any time conduct himself in such manner, whether on or off the field so as to endanger or prejudice the interests of the club, or fails to use his best effort to attain and maintain first class physical condition, excepting injuries or illnesses, then the club shall have the right to discipline the player by the imposition of a fine. In the case of a fine being imposed, the club is authorized to deduct the amount of such a fine from any salary due or to become due to the player under the provisions of the contract. In the event that the player disputes the exercise of the right granted in the within paragraph, the player may submit such dispute to arbitration in accordance with the arbitration system contained in the collective agreement.

Sources say Carter has been grinding on the Riders offensive coaching staff for most of the season, similar to what played out in Montreal that ultimately led to the enigmatic playmaker being released by the Alouettes. By nature, the 25-year-old brings a lot of energy but he can be argumentative, loud, obnoxious, disregard rules and be combative as the melee proved. It should be said, however, that a coach played a role in provoking the bout.

Carter’s toughness was questioned – via sources – by a coach and that led to the hockey-style fight with helmets off. Fellow receiver Bakari Grant and offensive lineman Derek Dennis spoke up and did not want the teammates to come to blows. That coach kicked both of them off the field because he felt they were undermining him in front of the team.

During Saskatchewan’s practice Tuesday, Carter and Grant took reps with the second offensive unit. Meanwhile, Dennis, the CFL’s reigning Most Outstanding Lineman, flew home to recuperate from injury there.

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