Jovon Johnson shares what led to Riders fight, Duron Carter side steps coach involvement

Duron Carter and Sam Williams were the combatants in Monday’s fight at Riders practice.

As Sportsnet’s Arash Madani reported, there was a member of the staff that summoned Carter to duke it out with Williams and he was asked about that on Tuesday.

“You can’t really get into that because either way I answer, it would be allegedly, so I’m just not going to touch that question,” Carter said.

Defensive back Jovon Johnson who came to Carter’s defence on Twitter, explained what led to the melee.

“The quarterbacks and the receivers do something once they break down from individual and Sam [Williams] kind of got in the middle of what they were doing and it just kind of flared the situation that probably could have been controlled…he shouldn’t have been getting involved in what they were doing, they do it every single day,” Johnson said.

Carter admitted fists were thrown.

“Just some football stuff, that’s how it goes down. Guys get heated, words are said and then it’s punches, I guess.”