Stamps forced to challenge obvious blown call early against Ticats

Another CFL game, another officiating blunder.

On-field officials in the Hamilton Tiger-Cats game in the Calgary Stampeders blew a clear out-of-bounds call early in the first quarter, forcing Stampeders coach Dave Dickenson to use his one and only replay challenge on a play that should have never required replay.

With seven-and-a-half minutes gone in the first quarter, Ticat quarterback Jeremiah Masoli hit Jalen Saunders for what would have been a 34 yard gain down the right sideline. But Saunders was clearly out of bounds – clearly – and the play should have been ruled incomplete.

Instead, Dickenson was forced to challenge.

Another challenge that shouldn’t be required. We gotta fix this. #Ticats #Stampeders #CFL

Commissioner Randy Ambrosie made changes to the replay system in August, limiting coaches to just one challenge per game. Previously, teams had two challenges per game, and a third challenge was added if the first two were successful. In other words, if Dicksenson needs his challenge for something important later in the game, he’s out of luck.

The CFL also has a video review official who has the power to pick up flags – they did so early in the game on a meaningless offside call – but can’t intervene on clear mistakes by their on-field colleagues.

It will be interesting to see what, if anything Ambrosie does to address this situation in the off-season.

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