The CFL comes to Central City

Who knew The Flash’s home of Central City housed such a big CFL fans.

On Tuesday’s season 4 premiere of the CW’s hit show The Flash (based on the DC Comics character of the same name), a scene featured some brief video of a CFL game between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Toronto Argonauts.

The scene takes place near the end of the episode as Dr. Caitlin Snow aka Killer Frost enters a bar to confront a rather sketchy-looking character.

The Flash is shot in Vancouver and featured a scene in season where The Flash himself, Barry Allen, faced off with a mysterious man in yellow who we later found out was Eobard Thawne aka the Reverse at B.C. Place Stadium, home of the B.C. Lions. But this is the first time that actual CFL footage has been shown.

From the looks of the video, this was some very old footage. Not only can you see both the Argos and Ticats wearing their Reebok jerseys from the pre-2012 redesign, you can see a number of players that are no longer in the CFL.

A keen eye can see former Ticats safety Dylan Barker (No. 20), and former Argos Spencer Watt (No. 89), Cedric Gagné-Marcoux and Dominic Picard. Watt left the Argos in 2015 to sign with the Ticats, and was released this past Spring and was not signed by anyone; Barker retired due to injury following the 2011 season; Gagné-Marcoux last played for the Argos in 2012; and Picard left the Argos in 2011.

CFL footage has shown up in other TV shows, from being on Modern Family a couple times and getting a lot of action on the former FX fantasy football comedy The League (they even name-checked Joffrey Reynolds in the series premiere). It is likely due to CFL game film being a lot cheaper to acquire the NFL film. But it is still cool to see a little CFL action show up in a big American television show.

Now the CFL has infiltrated the DC universe, maybe they will want some cameos from CFL players who could make good Justice League members. I know a good place to start looking.

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