Trent Richardson used to “smash mouth” football

The last time Trent Richardson carried a football in game action was August 30, 2015.

That was with the Raiders in a pre-season tilt.

766 days will span that carry and the first one he takes with Saskatchewan in Toronto on Saturday. Riders head coach and general manager Chris Jones is expecting to see the player who averaged 5.8-yards-per-carry at Alabama and not the one who put up 3.3-yard-per-carry in Cleveland and Indianapolis.

“He’s always been a four-yard-plus carry guy so we’re hoping that we can get four-and-a-half, five yards when he touches the football, just get behind his pads and wrun with power and be sure to protect our quarterback,” Jones said.

Richardson signed with the green and white on September 26 and since then he’s undergone a crash course in the Riders’ offensive playbook and most importantly learning protection schemes.

“It’s just terminology that’s different, but as far as blocking-wise, I can block all day. The abilities I have of being strong and being able to see stuff before it happens always came in handy when it comes to blocking,” Richardson said.

“Studying and meetings. My running back coach he does a good job of making sure he hit me with everything. The guys around me they help me out a lot. I gotta play fast.”

The 27-year-old wants to run the rock like he’s become accustomed to doing.

“Football I’m used to is smash mouth football, downhill, running hard and staying behind my pads. When it comes down to it I like to give that first contact.

He wouldn’t divulge the statistics in his mind that he wants to put up in game one, but it’s clear he wants to be very productive.

“I always set personal goals and I set them high if I set them high I know I will be successful,” the Pensacola, Florida native said.

When Richardson lines up at BMO Field he’ll see a familiar face on the other side of the line of scrimmage in Victor Butler as the high-profile makes his CFL debut in the biggest media market in Canada.