CFL declines comment on officiating in Ticats-Argos game

The Canadian Football League has “respectfully declined” to comment in the wake of acknowledging an officiating error in last Saturday’s game between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Toronto Argonauts.

Sources say the league informed the Ticats that the pass interference call against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in Saturday’s loss to the Toronto Argonauts did not meet the league’s standard. But the CFL has made no official statement and has now decided not to address the issue publicly.

In the third quarter with the Ticats leading by seven, defensive back Courtney Stephen intercepted Argo quarterback Ricky Ray. Toronto challenged the play, looking for pass interference on S.J. Green by Demond Washington. After a lengthy delay, replay official Jake Ireland ruled that there was pass interference and the drive continued.

There were several other questionable calls during the game as well, including a game clock issue that saw more than a minute of time run off between plays in the fourth quarter as on-field officials deliberated a fumble call.

Glen Johnson, the CFL’s vice-president of football and the man in charge of officiating, has been transparent with the media and fans in the wake of officiating errors in the past, including a two-part Q&A he did with 3DownNation after mistakes were made in Ticat game late last season. This is what Johnson said at the time:

“I live and wear every one of these that we don’t get right. I go back to ‘how can we better, how can I train these guys better?’ It’s hard and we take it very seriously. Every one of the mistakes, we learn from. In general, we are trending better on all the metrics it’s just that these misses are things people tend to remember.”

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