Andrew Harris told Charles Roberts he would take his job while in high school

Charles Roberts was the franchise player in Winnipeg. Andrew Harris was a teenager.

A confident young player, the native Winnipegger was certain he could get to the level of one of the best Bombers to ever put on the blue and gold.

“I remember seeing Charles Roberts out one time and saying I was going to come take his job, this was when I was still in high school,” Harris said with a smile on Wednesday.

Roberts was a seven-time CFL all-star who racked up 10,285 and 69 touchdowns on the ground with 3,396 receiving yards and 13 touchdowns added too.

Since signing with the Bombers in 2016, Harris has become the football club’s most recognizable player because of his hometown roots and he’s been a star for Winnipeg since returning to Manitoba – a historic 1,000-1,000 season is well within reach this year.

So in a way, Harris has taken over for Roberts as he told the Hall-of-Famer in high school.