TSN sideline reporter muffs easy catch, gets chirped

TSN sideline reporter and perpetual fashion crime Matthew Scianitti attempted to make a catch during Friday’s game between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Ottawa Redblacks – only to botch it completely.

Scianitti, resplendent as always in his unfortunate trench coat and childrens’ sneakers, tried to haul in a wayward pass from Redblacks quarterback Ryan Lindley late in the third quarter, actually dropping to his knees as he attempted the grab. The ball ricocheted off his chest – potentially leaving a mark on the coat – and fell to the turf.

Scianitti tried to play it cool after his muff but TSN commentators Chris Cuthbert and Glen Suitor were all over it.

“Matthew Scianitti had a shot at the football but he’s been unable to come up with it,” Cuthbert said.

“So he’s caught one, dropped one, is that what you’re saying. I saw him catch one early in the year,” Suitor responded.

“He didn’t lay out for that,” Cuthbert added.

“No, he put that on Twitter the moment he made the big catch… no, I’m kidding.”

Then they showed the replay….

“Ohhhhhhh!!!” they both said.

“Just off the… the ball is your friend,” Suitor said.

“Don’t catch with the body, Matthew,” Cuthbert added.

Scianitti did make a catch at a game earlier this season and milked it for several days on social media and the CFL went so far as to add him as a player in their fantasy game. Hahaha, funny stuff.

Social media, as you would expect, went right to work chirping the crap out of him.

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