NFL source on Colin Kaepernick: Zero chance he comes to CFL

Colin Kaepernick has made CFL headlines of late.

Hamilton added Kaepernick to their negotiation list in March then dropped him after Kaepernick’s camp made it clear to the Ticats he would not be coming to the CFL anytime soon – if ever.

Since then Montreal grabbed 29-year-old’s CFL rights and general manager, Kavis Reed reached out to his agent.

But NFL personnel men don’t see Kaepernick coming north.

“It absolutely blows my mind that the Kaepernick story of potentially playing in the CFL is still alive. There’s a better chance that Tom Brady comes up here than Kaepernick,” one NFL talent evaluator says.

“The guy has made a ton of money, been good with his money, donates a ton of his money to charities, been in talks with NFL teams, battling the President of the USA with racial equality issues and above all else is spearheading a social activist movement in the US,” another NFL source says.

“Zero percent chance he comes up.”

“He’s made over $43 million and recently pledged to donate $1 million to charities, that doesn’t exactly scream that I want to play in the CFL for $150,000 Canadian,” an NFL executive adds.

Kaepernick has played six seasons in the NFL and been a free agent since he opted out of the final year of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers (2017) earlier this year that would have seen him make $16.5 million.

According to NFL sources, it’s a safe bet Kaepernick won’t step foot on a CFL field.