New Riders RB Trent Richardson: “I would love to go out there and run somebody over”

Trent Richardson touched down in the Saskatchewan capital on Tuesday and spoke about finally coming north to the Riders.

How does it feel to be in Saskatchewan?

“I’ve been talking to coach Chris Jones for a long time and I really got to know him over the last few weeks, and he got to hear what I got to offer and bring to the table.”

What changed from a few weeks ago when you were ready to sign and back off at the last minute to now?

“Just making sure everything was in place. Just making sure my kids are straight and they knew what was really going on. I want my kids to look back at it and know that their father did everything he could and he wanted to be that guy that never gave up.”

How much do you know about the CFL?

“Not much. I know it’s end zone to end zone – 120. People ask me about going to play for the big green – their fans are behind them here. There are a lot of guys that come here just looking to get on the field and love to be around the game.”

How long will it take you to get familiar with the CFL and be ready to go?

“I don’t know what the different rules are, I know you put a pigskin, a football in my hand I’m ready to run and do what I do best – get in the end zone and probably run over a player or two.”

Some will say this is just an opportunity to help you get back to the NFL, how would you respond to that?

“It is at the end of the day, but right now I’m here to play whenever the opportunity comes. When the NFL thing comes it comes. Other than that I’m here in the CFL and ready to do what I do best. If the NFL opportunity comes back, it comes back.”

Are you surprised considering your age that no NFL team has shown interest in you?

“I’m surprised, yeah, but when you haven’t played in the last two years it’s different. It was never my skill level as the reason I wasn;t in the league, just a lot of stuff I had going on around me. No matter if I’m at the NFL level, if I’m at the CFL level, I’m fit to play football.”

When are you hoping to get out on the field?

“As soon as possible. We did some stuff today, ran some plays. Hopefully, I’ll be on the field by next week. I would love to go out there and run somebody over.”

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