Mike O’Shea celebrates birthday with Irish dance

Mike O’Shea showed some personality on his 47th birthday, celebrating his Irish roots.

Winnipeg’s head coach busted out an Irish jig in front of the entire Bombers team after practice on Thursday.

Quarterback Matt Nichols rated the performance: “That was a nine of out 10 for sure.”

Canadian middle linebacker Sam Hurl was harder to impress.

“He did alright actually. He had a little Irish folk dancing going on in there so it was good. It was a good mix-up,” he told Ted Wyman of the Winnipeg Sun.

Play-making defender Maurice Legget, who had a walk-on role with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet last winter, felt it brought excitement to the team.

“It’s great to see that from our head coach.”

Stud Canadian running back Andrew Harris enjoyed it.

“He got in there and danced so it was a fun time.”

O’Shea smiled and then went into coach speak about the assessment of his dance.

“You can always do better.”

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