Riders sent private plane to pickup Otha Foster

Not even a hurricane could prevent the Riders from bringing Otha Foster to Regina.

Saskatchewan sent a private plane down to Tennessee to get the 28-year-old defender because flights out of the area – Foster’s included – were canceled due to Hurricane Irma. So, the Riders sent a private plane to ensure he would make it to Regina in short order and play in the team’s Week 13 win over Hamilton.

The Riders had $13.8 million in their stabilization fund after the 2016 fiscal year. Plus, the team has just moved into a new $255 million stadium which is expected to further increase revenues.

While player salaries are limited by the salary cap – set at $5.15 million this season – there are no restrictions on football operations spending so teams are free to spend as much as they like on compensation for front office staff, coaches or on things like a private plane to pick up a linebacker.

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