The CFL finally has its own video game (kind of)

For the first time since 1999, the CFL has an officially-licensed video game.

The league has announced the launch of CFL Football Frenzy, an arcade-style game it says is aimed at kids aged 8-to-14. The game is currently available for iOS – meaning iPhones and iPads only – with an Android version coming shortly. PC or console gamers are out of luck.

Developed by Relish Interactive – yes, it’s a Canadian company – the game “allows players to create and customize their own avatar, collect card packs, and play offence, defence, and field goal modes” according to the release. It’s big – more than 150 MB – so using wifi will prevent your data plan from taking a Micah Awe-like hit.

The game uses CFL players, CFL rules, including three-down play, a 110-yard field, the rouge, no-huddle gameplay, and the waggle. It’s 7-on-7, however, not the full 12-on-12.

It is, however, designed for kids – this isn’t Madden-level complexity or game play.

Here’s some video:

It’s nice to see the CFL launching its own stand-alone game after partnering with the iOS version of Madden last year – which you could sort of morph into a kind-of-but-not-really CFL game with some time and effort – then giving the stiff arm to Canuck Play, the producers of Canadian Football ’17. (In retrospect, that seems like a pretty good call.)

After happily wasting copious time on a football game designed for kids, we’ll be back with a full review shortly. Now shush children, you can’t use the iPad to watch My Little Pony because Daddy’s working.

Oh, and you can download the game here.