Esks prez likes Tweet critical of coach Jason Maas, says it was an accident

The Edmonton Eskimos CEO and president Len Rhodes is walking back a Tweet he “liked” that was critical of Esks head coach Jason Maas.

Drew’s Views (no relation) wrote: “I never liked Maas as a QB because he was a hothead and I like him even less as a coach.”

The tweet showed up under Rhodes’s likes.

More than 24 hours later, Rhodes claimed he liked the Tweet by mistake – much like U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, whose account “liked” a Tweet posted by a porn account last week. Cruz eventually blamed a staffer.

Rhodes, meanwhile, blamed clumsy thumbs.

There is, however, some evidence that Jason Maas is indeed something of a hot head

Rhodes fired general manager Ed Hervey in April – more or less out of the blue – but elected to retain Maas as head coach. The Eskimos have lost five straight after starting the season 7-0/.