Riders OL Derek Dennis target of Ticats’ Demond Washington spit

Riders offensive lineman Derek Dennis was on the other end of a loogie in Hamilton.

Ticats defensive back Demond Washington did the spitting.

“I guess he thought I was trying to be with dirty him, when I really wasn’t, just an accidental hand hit him. I guess it hit him in the stomach or somewhere,” Dennis explained to CJME’s Arielle Zerr. “He came up to me talking mess. I just told him like ‘you’re just a little DB I’m not going to sit here and argue with you for no reason, if you really got a problem with me we can address it later’ and I guess he took it upon himself to spit in my face.”

“I know that winning the game is more important to me than settling personal beefs, but I’m not happy about it,”

Washington was ejected from the game immediately after the incident in the third quarter, a 25-yard penalty was assessed.

On the very next snap, Canadian quarterback Brandon Bridge hit Naaman Roosevelt for a 23-yard touchdown which put Saskatchewan ahead 27-10.

The five-foot-nine and 178-pound cover man was really going above his weight class against the reigning Most Outstanding Lineman who checks in at six-foot-three and 345 pounds.

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