Officials miss a challenge flag, Redblacks lose a possible three points

This one is a little confusing so stay with us.

In the early stages of Thursday’s Ottawa Redblacks game against the Montreal Alouettes, quarterback Trevor Harris threw a pass intended for Greg Ellingson in the end zone but it fell incomplete. As Ottawa lined up to their second down play, Redblacks coach Rick Campbell threw his challenge flag but officials didn’t see it and allowed the play to continue.

TSN analysts Duane Forde saw it right away: “Challenge flag is down, the officials didn’t see it.”

The play was an incompletion, bringing up third down (and a likely Redblacks field goal attempt.)

Forde again: “Rick Campbell before the play had thrown his flag way out there, picked it up and threw it out further and ran out after it. Rick Campbell was out around the numbers as that play went on trying to get the attention of the officials.

Referee Al Bradbury, after appearing to consult with the command centre, confirmed that Campbell threw his flag before the second down play was run and allowed Ottawa to challenge pass interference on Ellingson. The resulting review upheld the ruling on the field, so the Redblacks were out a touchdown, their challenge and a timeout.

But wait, it gets worse. Bradbury ruled the second down play, the incompletion to Spencer, was wiped off the books – as if it never happened – and so instead of a field goal try, it was second down again.

“After review, the ruling on the field stands of an incomplete pass with no penalty. However, the previous play did not take place, it’s still second down and ten.”

But instead of taking advantage of their second chance on second down, Harris promptly fumbled and Montreal recovered.

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