Mike Reilly on Riders fans invading Commonwealth: “This is our damn house”

Edmonton quarterback Mike Reilly wants any Riders faithful to know Commonwealth Stadium is the Eskimos home, no matter how many green and white fans are in the stadium.

“I don’t care how many Sask people show up, this is our damn house,” the 32-year-old pivot said emphatically.

“This is always a home game here. They do a good job of traveling, there’s no question about it. Their fans they show up and support their team regardless of the city that it’s in, but make no mistake they’re coming into our house. This is our building. It’s certainly going to be a different situation than they have at Mosaic, so I would definitely not call this a home game for them…We always take a lot of pride of how we play in front of our fans.”

That shows true in 2017 as Edmonton has a perfect 4-0 mark at home. On the other side, Saskatchewan is 0-3 outside the confines of their new stadium.