New parody video of CFL ref Andre Proulx is perfect

Quality parody is a tough thing to do well but new YouTuber “Andre Proulx” has done an excellent job with a new video mocking CFL official… Andre Proulx.

In a clip posted on Aug. 7, the artist known as Andre uses Taylor Swift’s song “Shake It Off” as the theme for a pitch-perfect takedown of Proulx, one of the league’s most experienced and well-known officials.

A sample of some of the finer lyrical offerings:

“The ladies like my stripes
They are checking out my pipes
But they are not for you (oh no)
Yes they are not for you (yeah, yeah)”


“Something I have to say, say, say
There is holding on the play, play, play.”


“I am always moving
My ref crew it is grooving
It’s like I got the rulebook,
Right here in my mind.”

The video features just one clip from the actual Proulx, a butchered call he made when announcing an illegal procedure penalty on the defence from a game in 2011. But the song is far from mean-spirited and doesn’t subject Proulx to many of the taunts he faces on social media and, one would suspect, during an actual game.

Well done, Andre, well done.

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