Lions tried to claim Riders practice roster Canadian OL

B.C. was looking to flip the script and get a player back Saskatchewan took from them.

The Lions put in a claim for Canadian offensive lineman Dillon Guy, who was on the Riders practice roster at the time. He initially made his way from the Left coast to Regina the same way, but elected to stay with Saskatchewan because he likes it there and wanted to stay loyal to the team.

After training camp in 2016, B.C. offered defensive lineman Ese Mrabure and Guy practice roster spots, but the two players declined and the Riders inked them to active roster contracts.

Guy spent the entire 2016 slate on Saskatchewan’s injured list, allowing him time to make sure his knee was fully recovered. This season the 26-year-old spent the first four games on the injured list and he was moved to the practice roster before the Riders victory against Toronto in Week 6.

The Lions originally selected Guy in the fourth round, 30th overall in the 2016 CFL draft.