Johnny Manziel on CFL: “definitely something I’ve looked into”

Johnny Manziel has “looked into” playing in the CFL.

Clay Travis from interviewed Johnny Football afor about half an hour on Saturday in Costa Rica at the International Football Betting Conference and the topic of the CFL was broached.

“As far as looking at the CFL route, it’s definitely something that I’ve looked into,” Manziel said at the 16:38 mark below. “If I wouldn’t have had as much interest as I’ve had this year – talking with some teams and seeing how things have played out, you know I probably would’ve taken that route. Because at the same time I don’t want to be out of football for too long without playing.”

Manziel’s former college coach, Kliff Kingsbury, recently said he would love to see him in the CFL.

Back in July Manziel admitted he missed football and it seems that the CFL may be his best option. One NFL scout said: “If he loves football he should hope to play in the CFL and stay there forever.”

The 2012 Heisman Trophy winner was last on a pro football roster in March 2016.

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