Alouettes Stef Logan slams officials after wild loss to Bombers

Montreal Alouettes’ kick returner Stefan Logan went off on the officiating after his team lost a crazy contest to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Thursday night.

Logan was especially upset about the roughing the passer call on Montreal linebacker Chris Ackie on the Bombers’ winning drive.

“That wasn’t an illegal hit,” Logan said. “Man, that was a regular hit of a shoulder pad to shoulder pad. It just looked violent ’cause (Ackie) didn’t wrap. He just hit (Nichols) hard. But it’s a part of football. It wasn’t like he went across his face or nothing like that. It don’t make no sense, man.

“We’re playing against 15 people. We’re playing against the other team and the refs, and that ain’t fair man. I’m sorry, that ain’t fair.”

Logan scored on a 31-yard touchdown run with 1:40 left in the game to make it 40-28 Alouettes but watched as the Bombers came back to win it 41-40, recovering an on-side kick in the process.

Of course Logan will lose more than just the game – his cheque figures to be a little light this week after the inevitable fine from the league.

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