Duron Carter on Josh Bell: “I got in his skin and wore it like a bodysuit”

Riders receiver Duron Carter dished on the smack-talking that led to Josh Bell shoving him back across the centre line.

Carter was fined by the CFL for participation in a pre-game altercation.

“I was talking about (Bell’s) make-up or his facepaint, or whatever, and I guess I crossed (midfield). He took offense to it but we’re all grown men,” Carter said.

“To me, if I can get under somebody’s skin, it just seemed like I got in his skin and I wore it, like it was a bodysuit. It felt kind of good.”

Bell believes what happened should be kept between competitors.

“What goes on in the arena among the gladiators, I think stays there when it comes to the verbal,” the Stampeders defensive back said. “I think everybody that sees and knows, they know anything can be said on the green. So we’ll keep it there. I live by that code of conduct and honour amongst the gladiators.”

Calgary head coach Dave Dickenson didn’t see the whole altercation.

“I didn’t pay much attention to (the Bell-Carter incident) when it happened, I think all that stuff is overrated, just people talking too much,” Dickenson said. “We backed up our talk more than they did, but to me it never really plays much of a factor in the game.”