Riders Derek Dennis admits he ‘sh*t the bed’ against Charleston Hughes

Former teammates Derek Dennis and Charleston Hughes traded verbal jabs before the Saskatchewan Roughriders faced the Calgary Stampeders this weekend, with Hughes getting the final word.

It started on Twitter.

And continued when each player met with the media on Friday.

“I’m the reason why Dennis is who he is today, I helped him mould his career,” Hughes said, smiling. “He knows he’s got to go against the best, he’s got to face the best.”

Saskatchewan’s left tackle responded.

“Why he feels that way, I have no clue at all,” Dennis said. “Whatever floats his boat, floats his boat. If that’s what he wants to think.”

Calgary’s pass rusher got the better of the Riders offensive line with three sacks – all in the opening 30 minutes – beating Dennis in the process.

Dennis was forthright about his performance after the game.