Bombers execute onside (and legal) “sleeper play”

Mike O’Shea pulled yet another special teams gadget play out of his bag of tricks and, despite what TSN might have said, the play was legal.

With about a minute to go in the second quarter, Bomber kicker Justin Medlock lined up for what appeared to be a 49-yard field goal attempt. Mike Miller lined up behind Winnipeg’s kicker and close to the Bombers sideline. Medlock purposely pooched the kick to the right and Miller – onside – recovered and set the Bombers up in the red zone. It led to a Darvin Adams touchdown.

TSN analyst Glen Suitor claimed the play violated a new CFL rule that requires players to come at least 11 yards onto the field before participating in a play but the rule only applies to offensive plays that involve a pass.

So O’Shea – and the CFL officials – got it right. TSN on the other hand…