Commish Randy Ambrosie on Redblacks schedule: “too many games in too few nights”

Ottawa played the third of four games in a stretch of 17 days Wednesday night in the nation’s capital, with the last being played Monday in Toronto.

CFL commissioner and former player Randy Ambrosie was in attendance Wednesday and admitted to having some concern with the Redblacks schedule.

“As a player, I would have found it very difficult to play three games in 11 days, particularly in the back third of my career when just getting out of bed after one game was hard enough much less that many games in a short turn,” Ambrosie said.

“This is a very intense game, played by these very large human beings. I think it’s too many games in too few nights.”

Ambrosie went on to say that next season he would do his best to make the schedule as fair and safe for all teams involved.

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