Austin dismisses Riders’ spying allegations as ‘absurd’

Hamilton Tiger-Cats head coach Kent Austin has dismissed allegations by Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach Chris Jones that the Ticats used inside information from Rider practice before the teams’ July 8 contest.

“Oh Chris… that’s absurd,” said Austin, chuckling. “God forbid that we actually prepared our players and coaches.”

Jones has closed one practice a week for the rest of the season, as permitted by CFL rules, claiming that the Riders were at a disadvantage against the Ticats.

“As soon as they walked out on the field they identified it in five seconds so you know somebody had to be here watching practice and told them, ‘hey if they’re doing this, it’s a punt block.’ We’re not going to allow that to happen,” Jones said. “So we’re going to close practice and if we do have anything, we’ll work on it on the day that’s closed and that way nobody gets the upper hand on us.”

Saskatchewan won the game against Hamilton 37-20.

“It didn’t work out too well for us, except for that play, huh?” Austin said. “If we were doing that, I need to fire the scouts.”

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