Ticats Kent Austin denies tension with QB, slams Glen Suitor

Hamilton Tiger-Cats head coach Kent Austin and quarterback Zach Collaros are denying reports that there’s tension between them.

During a radio interview to B.C. radio station last week, TSN analyst Glen Suitor said the team missed former offensive coordinator Tommy Condell, who was a buffer for the “abrasive” Austin, and that there was a “disconnect” between Austin and Collaros.

Not so, said Austin.

“There’s absolutely zero tension. Don’t even give my answer to Zach and ask him point blank. There’s no tension between me and Zach. We’ve never had tension,” Austin said in the wake of his team’s loss to the B.C. Lion’s on Saturday night. “That’s absolutely ridiculous and completely made up by Glen and he ought to be ashamed of himself.”

Collaros said much the same thing.

“There’s never been tension between me and Kent,” he said. “I don’t know how he could have come to that conclusion based on the conversation that him and I had. If you ask anybody in here, there’s no tension between me and Kent. But again, none of that stuff matters. All that matters is the guy’s in this room and winning football games.”

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