TSN analyst says there’s ‘tension’ between Austin and Collaros

TSN analyst Glen Suitor made some interesting comments about the state of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats during an interview with a Vancouver radio station earlier this week.

Speaking to TSN1040, Suitor said the team misses former offensive coordinator Tommy Condell, who left the team abruptly before the 2015 season.

“They miss Tommy Condell, who was sort of the right-hand man for Kent Austin. Tommy was a buffer between the two, he was like the quarterback coach, co-offensive coordinator that would calm everyone down when Kent would get excited. And Kent gets excited, he’ll say it like he sees it and sometimes that can be quite abrasive. Some players take that in a good way and some players don’t and I think Tommy Condell was a good in-between.

“It seems disjointed because they have good players but they are not playing together. Zach Collaros is a very good quarterback. two years ago we were talking about Collaros as runaway MOP around Labour Day and then he blew out his knee. That’s the type of player he is and yet he is not playing like it right now. He’s not getting much help around him as far as protection.”

Suitor, who played with Austin for seven years when the two were with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, was also asked about the play-calling situation in Hamilton.

“Even if Kent is calling the plays, he told me before the Saskatchewan game that they’ve had lots of opportunities to score and they’ve missed them because they haven’t executed. I talked to Collaros and he says ‘we’ve got some young guys who are learning, there’s a lot of changes in the offence each week’ … there’s a disconnect there. One is saying its execution, the other is saying we’re kind of bombarded here with changes.

“What a contrast when I talk to Marc Trestman and how he treats Ricky Ray and how their relationship is right now. He knows they are intertwined, the head coach and quarterback and he gives them the keys to the car. I think there’s some tension between Collaros and Austin.”

Listen to the full interview here.