CFL commish Randy Ambrosie on #WhatAboutKaren call: “one that could have gone either way”

The CFL clearly understands what Karen Kuldys went through after a blown call cost her a million dollars, but the league believes it was one that “could have gone either way.”

Commissioner Randy Ambrosie issued a statement regarding Kuldys and the egregious reffing error:

“We’re all fans and whatever team you root for, we would all love to see a CFL fan win a million dollars. So we all feel for Karen and what she must have gone through last night, and what she must still be feeling today. I was in Winnipeg for the game and I spoke with her today. On behalf of the CFL, I invited her and her family to come to Grey Cup this year as our guests,” said Randy Ambrosie, the CFL’s Commissioner. “I know Karen’s a Blue Bomber fan and her son plays football, so we spoke with Wade Miller, the President and CEO of the Bombers, this morning. He immediately pledged to provide Karen with Bombers season’s tickets for the rest of this season and next season as well. We all know these things can’t compare to a million dollars but we wanted to do something to let her and her family know that we all wished she could have won last night.”

“It was a very tough call made by our official last night, one that could have gone either way. There are tough calls made all the time in our game because these are world class athletes, moving at tremendous speeds, and we ask our officials to make difficult judgement calls in the blink of an eye, and we have to respect their decisions.”

The league invited Kuldys and her family to attend the Grey Cup as VIP guests while she received seasons tickets to the Bombers for two years and free groceries for a year at Safeway or Sobey’s.

All nice gestures, but no where close to one million dollars.