Bo Levi Mitchell (stupidly) docked for violation of social media policy

The CFL released their weekly round up of player discipline on Wednesday afternoon and among the usual collection of high hits, dangerous tackles and illegal blocks, there was this item:

Calgary Stampeders quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell was fined for violating the League’s social media policy.

A quick review of BLM’s social media accounts reveals nothing particularly offensive – his Facebook timeline is limited to just friends and he’s not a big Instagram guy – but we’re guessing it was probably this:

There were a couple of sketchy unnecessary roughness calls in the Ticats game against the Riders but he was likely referring to the hit Ticat safety Courtney Stephen laid on Rider receiver Namaan Roosevelt during Saskatchewan’s third quarter touchdown drive.

It’s a pretty innocuous Tweet but the CFL has taken a dim view of its own players criticizing the league’s officiating, no matter how justified. And as Bo Levi knows, being right on social media doesn’t necessarily protect your pocketbook. Still, this seems excessively petty – especially for a league which has been shamelessly courting millennials on social media for a couple of seasons. Mitchell uses social media to interact with fans and media while giving a glimpse into his private life – #TopTitty – and heaven forbid he actually express an opinion once in a while.

Mitchell used Twitter, ironically enough, to say he’d pay the fine as fans encouraged him – and rightly so – to keep on Tweeting.

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