Jonathon Jennings rocks cheetah print cleats, claims no superstition involved

B.C. Lions quarterback Jonathon Jennings rocked cheetah print cleats during Friday night’s win over the Toronto Argonauts.

“Adidas, pretty nice huh?” Jennings says as he’s looking down at his footwear. “I didn’t wear them last game, but I wore them in pre-season though. I don’t like to be too flashy, but I figured I’ll spat today and cover most of it up – just a little taste.”

The 24-year-old went 10-of-14 for 197 yards and three touchdowns in the first half alone during B.C.’s 42-10 pre-season win over Saskatchewan. Then Jennings went 22-of-34 for 264 yards in a loss to Edmonton in Week 1.

“I always switch it up. I’m not a superstitious guy. Travis [Lulay] is a superstitious guy. I like wearing white cleats with away uniforms. They have white laces,” Jennings says.

“He’s not a superstitious guy, but he did switch ’em up though,” Lulay says while laughing.

“They’re cheetah, I gotta get fast. I play for the Lions, but I’m a cheetah. I figured why not put a little flash on,” Jennings responds.

“Listen, Jon, were you wearing those when you threw three touchdowns in a half in the pre-season? Were you wearing those?” Lulay asks. “So it’s up to you to decide whether he’s superstitious or not.”

Jennings smiles: “But that’s not a thing though. It worked. I’ll take it.”

B.C.’s quarterback completed 23-of-35 passes for 301 yards with one touchdown and one interception as the Lions beats Toronto 28-15. Leos head coach and general manager Wally Buono believes cleats don’t improve on-field play.

“The shoes last time I saw didn’t throw footballs. But if it makes him then tell him to wear them every game.”

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