‘I am a slave’: Nate Behar doesn’t sound happy with Esks offer

Edmonton Eskimos draft pick Nate Behar may be closing in on a deal with the club after an extended holdout but it doesn’t sound like he’s happy about it.

The receiver took to Twitter on Monday afternoon to deliver a simple but loaded message: “I am a slave.”

He’s since deleted it and while it’s impossible to know for sure – 140 characters doesn’t leave much room for nuance – Behar’s Tweet is likely in reference to the fact he has few options as a CFL draft pick. The Eskimos retain Behar’s rights essentially forever, meaning his only options are to sign with the club or sit on his couch at home. He can demand a trade but the team can simply ignore that request.

Edmonton selected Behar out of Carleton University with the fifth overall pick in the draft.

Negotiations between new Eskimo general manager Brock Sunderland and Behar’s agent have been contentious from the outset. The Esks leaked terms of their offer through the media, a trend that continued today.

Hardaway does have a reputation for being a tough negotiator who is willing to keep his clients out of training camp. He represents offensive lineman Josiah St. John, who held out after being selected first overall by the Saskatchewan Roughriders last year. He also represents linebackers Cory Greenwood and Henoc Muamba, offensive lineman Matt O’Donnell and Kirby Fabien, linebacker Frederic Plesius, defensive back Chris Ackie… many of those players have had contentious negotiations with their respective teams.

Regardless of when Behar signs, or what he signs for, it’s clear that he’s feeling ill-treated by the club.

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