Ashton Kutcher sports Redblacks t-shirt in NetFlix series

Dude, where’s my Redblack’s t-shirt?

Actor Ashton Kutcher, who plays Cole Bennett on the NetFlix comedy series The Ranch about a dysfunctional family of ranchers, wore a shirt with the team’s logo on a recently-released episode.

There’s no word on how or why a rancher in fictional Iron River Ranch, Colorado would be sporting gear from a CFL team but one of Kutcher’s co-stars in the series is Canadian Elisha Cuthbert, who is married to Ottawa Senators defeneman Dion Phaneuf (that’s her on the right in the picture above.)

Cuthbert, who is from Calgary, was the Grand Marshall of the Grey Cup parade when her hometown last hosted the championship game in 2009.

Kutcher has already been invited to a Redblacks game by running back’s coach Beau Walker.

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