Study finds link between domestic violence and CFL games

Research from the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy suggests there’s a connection between domestic violence and certain sporting events and holidays.

The study found domestic violence calls in Calgary were up 15 per cent on some days in the latter half of the 10-day Calgary Stampede compared with an average day.

For professional football games, calls were 15 per cent higher when the CFL Calgary Stampeders faced off against the rival Edmonton Eskimos and increased 40 per cent when the Stampeders were in the Grey Cup final.

No connection was found when it came to hockey – even when the NHL Calgary Flames played the Edmonton Oilers.

The paper also says reports of domestic violence in Calgary were 14 per cent higher than average during the 2013 flood.

There also appeared to be a correlation with falling oil prices.

The researchers recommend increasing publicly funded child care, working with sports organizations on education and conducting further research on the role of alcohol in domestic violence.

– CP

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