Nate Behar contract negotiations with Esks have taken a nasty (and public) turn

With the Riders agreeing to terms with linebacker Cameron Judge, there’s just one player from the top two rounds of the 2017 CFL Draft left unsigned: Carleton receiver Nate Behar. And things are not going well.

The Eskimos, now led by new general manager Brock Sunderland, have begun leaking info to the media about the state of negotiations and blaming the state of affairs on Behar’s agent, Jonathon Hardaway.

Hardaway does have a reputation for being a tough negotiator who is willing to keep his clients out of training camp. He represents offensive lineman Josiah St. John, who held out after being selected first overall by the Saskatchewan Roughriders last year. He also represents linebackers Cory Greenwood and Henoc Muamba, offensive lineman Matt O’Donnell and Kirby Fabien, linebacker Frederic Plesius, defensive back Chris Ackie… many of those players have had contentious negotiations with their respective teams.

Of course, St. John ended up with $77,000 in base salary for 2016 with a $25,000 signing bonus – the highest salary and most up front money of any 2016 draft pick – and it isn’t Hardaway’s job to get along with teams or make things easy.