CFLers you would probably want at your May 2-4 party

The May long weekend is finally here, and whether you call it Victoria Day or the May Two-Four, we can all agree that this weekend is the unofficial kickoff to summer.

Plenty of people throw May Two-Four barbecues, and here is a Victoria Day BBQ with a little CFL flair. These are the CFLers that I think you would want to invite to your May Two-Four cookout.

Manny Arceneaux
I don’t know about you, but games are usually played at my barbecues. Be it badminton or horseshoes or bocce, we are competing in some form of game. And if you’re throwing a party with games, who better to invite than the guy who looks like he would be the ultimate ringer, Manny Arceneaux.

Paul McCallum
Every party has the resident old guy who will chug a beer before jumping in and dominating at one of the games. That guy is definitely Paul McCallum.

Mike O’Shea
He just looks like a guy who has great taste in beer, would bring some for you to try and wouldn’t take any left brews home. Key guy to invite.

Taylor Loffler
A man with a beard like that knows how to get down. Now add in that crazy mullet, and you would be a fool not to have Taylor Loffler at your party.

DaVaris Daniels
He would be great at the games, but I also want to talk to him about his time at Notre Dame (especially after he went in on Brian Kelly last year).

Bryan Hall
When the party is winding down and needs that second wind, you need a guy like Bryan Hall to get things popping again.

Odell Willis
Odell Willis is the human form of fun. Plus, he would likely talk a ton of smack and keep everyone entertained for hours.

Adarius Bowman
Adarius Bowman would show up and automatically want to best Manny Arceneaux at everything. I also think he would bring some awesome dish — like his grandmother’s recipe for mac and cheese — and everyone would love it.

Derek Dennis
I have no idea why I think this, but I feel like Derek Dennis would make a mean potato salad, and that is a key ingredient to any good May 2-4 barbecue.

Chris Jones
I want to hear his southern drawl while drunk… and find out if I could understand anything he said.

Jeff Reinebold
There is always that one person at the party, usually a grandparent or someone of similar vintage, who people sit around and listen to them tell stories. While Jeff Reinebold is by no means grandfatherly old, he tells a great story. Also, he is still spry enough to wreck someone half his age at badminton, and that would be fun to watch.

Simoni Lawrence
Simoni Lawrence would play all the games, entertain the kids and be the life of the party. He would take a lot of the pressure off the hosts. A must have at any shindig.

Brad Sinopoli and Greg Ellingson
These were the first two people I thought of when I decided to write this. If you have seen what these two have been up to over the offseason, you know you want them at your party.

Shawn Lemon
The laughs you would have watching Shawn Lemon and Derek Dennis go back and forth would be crazy. Just imagine what Lemon would say about Dennis’ potato salad. Even if it was good, Lemon would still find a funny way to say it is trash.

Peter Dyakowski
Peter Dyakowski has probably formulated the world’s greatest BBQ sauce for the chicken you are grilling. He also seems like he would help cook, which is always appreciated.

Nik Lewis
You don’t have a barbecue without inviting a Texan. And who wouldn’t want to hang out with Nik Lewis for an afternoon?

Bear Woods
Need a closer for the festivities? Bear Woods is your guy. Look at him and tell me he doesn’t seem like a guy who would have the best fireworks. You know I’m right.

Josh Smith has been writing about the Ticats and the CFL since 2010 and was sporting his beard way before it was cool. Will be long after, too.