Vince Young’s video a good sign for Riders

Vince Young appears to be backing up his words with action.

In a couple of weeks, the Riders will gather in Florida for their annual mini-camp and Young will be there for his first official practice with his new team, something that is sure to draw plenty of attention not only in Canada but in the United States as well. When Young signed with the Riders in early March he was saying all of the right things. Young led us all to believe that he was attempting this comeback (even though he didn’t want us to call it that) for the love of the game, giving football one more shot in the process.

Young showed us just how seriously he’s taking this comeback in a video released on Thursday.

It’s clear that Young is putting himself through the wringer to make sure that, at the very least, he’s in the best physical shape he can be at mini-camp and then main camp in June.

It goes without saying that it’s extremely important for Young to be in tip-top shape as his competition is sure to be. The problem for Young remains learning the Canadian game. The likes of Kevin Glenn and Brandon Bridge don’t have to learn the Canadian game, they’ve been around it, they know it inside and out. It is a positive sign to see Young working out with a CFL football and getting used to it but that alone won’t prepare the former NFLer for the new game. He’s probably studying plenty of film as well, but nothing beats the real thing. It’s hard to say how much he’ll actually pick up at mini-camp as well.

The script in the video, which was probably written by the company that made the video, is encouraging as well. Young narrates the video himself and talks about earning it and leaving your legacy. He adds it’s not about wanting something to happen or wishing for something to happen but going out and making it happen.

None of this means that Young is going to dazzle or even do just enough to make the team as the starting quarterback or even one of the backups. No matter what happens, it’s clear that Young is taking this comeback seriously and giving it his best shot. For himself and the team, that’s all you can ask for.

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