Odell Willis slams former teammate Nate Coehoorn after retirement

Edmonton Eskimos defensive end Odell Willis would appear to have taken a healthy shot at former teammate Nate Coehoorn on Twitter.

Coehoorn, a Canadian receiver, announced his retirement via social media on Sunday after six seasons in he league. But Willis, who played with Coehoorn the last four years, questioned the timing and motivation for the decision.

The outspoken Willis gets a lot done in 140 characters. In addition to questioning Coehoorn’s reasons for retiring, his toughness and honesty – not to mention the timing of the decision – Willis also seems to acknowledge taking a pay cut to stay with the club. That salary reduction would have been orchestrated by former general manager Ed Hervey, who was fired last week.

Things sure seem to be going well in Edmonton right now.

UPDATE: Coehoorn has responded via Twitter.

Willis kept going on Twitter Tuesday and got chirped by fans pretty good for calling out a former teammate (he also acknowledged the validity of a point raised by Calgary receiver Marquay McDaniel, that teams cut players just before bonuses are due all the time.)

He made one final statement before departing for the night.

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