Ranking the one-on-one performances at the CFL Combine (OL vs DL)

The one-on-one sessions are the most interesting part of the CFL Combine.

Pitting player against player, it’s the only time during the entire weekend that we get to see the prospects doing anything that resembles football: the next time a player runs a short shuttle in the middle of game will be the first time.

While a bad performance in the one-on-ones won’t necessarily ruin a player’s draft stock – Simeon Rottier had one of the worst one-on-one sessions in memory in 2009, he was still the first overall pick and has had a nice CFL career – a good one can put a player on the map. Craig Butler’s dominant performance in 2011 improved his standing significantly.

With the 2017 CFL Combine now complete, we went back through the footage provided by CFL.ca, edited it down to just the football bits, and then analyzed each player’s performance. Keep in mind that some of the video isn’t great – it took the league a few minutes to figure out where to stand to get the best angle – and, most importantly, that Drew Edwards and Justin Dunk aren’t scouts and don’t even play one on TV: the pros may have a very different take on a player’s performance.

Disagree with our assessments? Post your own scorecard in the comments below. Or just make fun of ours. Either one is fine.

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