Alouettes offer Darian Durant a much-needed chance at a fresh start

The only constant in life in change.

It’s an old saying but it’s one that rings truer than ever for Montreal Alouettes quarterback Darian Durant. If that sounds weird to say, it’s because it is. Just a few years ago Durant seemed poised to become a life long member of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. He was coming off winning the first Grey Cup the Riders have ever won on home soil and a fan base that was hot and cold on him had finally come around. As we know, the rest of the story didn’t go according to script.

After back-to-back major injuries, two straight losing seasons where the team missed the playoffs and a change in management, Durant is ready for a fresh start in La Belle Province.

“I definitely look at it like that,” said Durant. “For them to believe in me, and bring me in, (head coach) Jacques (Chapdelaine) and (general manager) Kavis (Reed) with their first head gigs, it’s special to me.”

Once again on Wednesday, Durant wasn’t afraid to throw a little shade toward his former head coach and general manager Chris Jones. Durant feels to this day that he was never really Jones’ guy.

Don’t feel too bad for Durant though, even though he may not have been in Jones’ plan, part of the reason why Durant signed a one year extension last winter was so he had some control if things didn’t work out.

“I knew I wasn’t (Jones’ guy). We’ve battled for years and years and years and he’s never had good things to say about our receiving corps (and) our offence. Even back when we were battling them in the playoffs,” said Durant. “I wanted to see how it went and how it I felt at the end of year and even if I wanted to stay. I just wanted it to be in my hands and not be in a long term situation where they controlled everything. You see how it worked out. I’m glad I did that.”

According to his new boss, Durant has been nothing but a professional since the deal. Durant has already been planning to move his football season home to Montreal. He’s been working hard with his teammates learning the new systems and playbook online. Durant has met a few of them this week and he’ll gather with his new team for the first time in a few weeks for their offseason mini-camp. Reed feels his new quarterback is all aboard.

“Darian’s focus is on Montreal,” said Reed. “That’s the sign of a pro. It’s time to move on to the next relationship.”

With a fresh start comes a chance to learn something new. For Durant he’s not only learning a new team, new teammates and a new city, but even a new language. Durant is apparently working on his french, just don’t test him just yet.

“It’s getting there, I’ve learned a lot. Don’t put me on the test right now. Give me until June, I’ll be a lot better.”

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