Suspended three times by NFL for weed, Frank Alexander signs with Lions

Defensive lineman Frank Alexander, a three-time offender of the NFL’s drug policy, signed with the B.C. Lions on Tuesday.

The Lions also signed linebacker Micah Awe and defensive back Matt Smalley have signed with the team. All three players are Americans.

The six-foot-four, 270-pound Alexander appeared in 29 games over four seasons with the Carolina Panthers. But he was also suspended three times for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy, including for a year without pay in November 2015.

According to a 2015 Charlotte Observer story – before his year-long suspension – Alexander said he used marijuana for pain management.

“I didn’t do it before I went to work. I didn’t do it at work. It was simply like after I got out of practice, I wanted to kind of relax and chill. It kind of healed my body up,” he said. “It wasn’t like a thing I was doing all the time. I didn’t need it to get up and go.”

Given the rather lax approach to weed in B.C. and the fact that the CFL doesn’t test for marijuana as part of its substance abuse policy, Alexander should be just fine in Canada.

– with files from CP

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