Top 10 CFL free agents still on the market

Day two of CFL free agency saw just one name come off this list so there’s plenty of talent still available. Here’s a look at the top 10 players still available as selected by 3DownNation insider Justin Dunk, editor Drew Edwards and former Alouettes assistant general manager Joey Abrams.

1) Cleyon Laing, national DL

Canadian defensive lineman is still exploring NFL options but has big-money CFL deals on the table. Some teams may wait on spending their cap space in hopes of landing an impact national player.

2) D’Anthony Batiste, OL

The best American offensive tackle left on the board after Derek Dennis signed in Saskatchewan. Will teams want to pay him though? Montreal might sense, Toronto too.

3) Alan-Michael Cash, DT

A five-year vet, cash is still just 29 and a dominant interior presence. The sheer number of American interior lineman left could hurt his value though.

4) Ernest Jackson, REC

With some big deals handed out on day one and some receivers changing teams, Jackson may be getting nervous as to his market value.

5) Terrell Sinkfield Jr., REC

Speedy receiver could be a good bet to return to Hamilton or rejoin former offensive coordinator Tommy Condell, now an advisor in Toronto.

6) Cory Greenwood, national LB

Ratio-breaking talent at linebacker but his history of concussions could worry some teams.

7) John Ojo, DB

With his Achilles almost healed, the shutdown corner has NFL workouts lined up and will want to pursue those opportunities before committing to the CFL,

8) J’Michael Deane, national OL

A solid Canadian with experience but not everyone is sure he’s a starter.

9) Andy Fantuz, national REC

Though expected to miss a chunk of the season recovering from a torn Achilles, last season’s 100-plus catches showed Fantuz is still elite. A two-year deal with some value could be a steal.

10) Clarence Denmark, REC

Ultra-productive in the Bombers’ playoff push last season, a CFL veteran who can multiple spots.

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