Signing Duron Carter a risk worth taking for the Riders

For the second time in a week, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are rolling the dice.

Last week, Chris Jones, the team’s man in charge of all things football, dealt the team’s franchise quarterback for the last decade to the Montreal Alouettes. It’s a move that split the fanbase and is sure to define Jones’ tenure in Saskatchewan. This week, Jones threw the dice on the table again by signing controversial receiver Duron Carter. The difference being instead of putting everything on black, like he did a week ago, Jones is taking a smaller gamble by signing Carter.

What Carter is capable of doing on the field is well known. In three seasons in Canada, Carter has racked up 2,877 yards in 40 games adding 17 touchdowns along the way. When he’s on his game and focused, Carter can be one of the more dominating receivers in the league. When he’s not? Well, stuff like this happens, leading to stuff like this and this being written about him. Carter’s talent gave him a shot at an NFL job, signing with the Colts in 2015. It’s not a stretch to assume his attitude may have cost him that job as well.

Like his predecessor in Saskatchewan, Jones seems to relish the chance to work with “second chance guys.” It’s almost like Jones, and Corey Chamblin, want to be the coach that can change troubled players. If they do, signing those players ends up being a stroke of genius, if they don’t, then there’s usually egg on someone’s face.

In signing Carter, the Riders are assuming some risk but nothing they can’t handle. 3DownNation’s Justin Dunk reported that Carter is set to make $130,000 this season. In that same report, it’s believed none of that money has been given to Carter upfront. If that’s true, and we have no reason to not trust Dunk at this point, then if things go sideways with Carter in a hurry, then Jones isn’t left with any signing bonus or a significant amount of money on the cap.

The move is also a safe bet for the Green and White because they are simply adding to a team strength. The Riders do not need Carter to be the top guy in the offence, in fact, they don’t really need him at all. They already have Naaman Roosevelt, Caleb Holley, Ricky Collins Jr., Rob Bagg and more. If Carter is able to keep his head on straight and do what he does on the field, he makes what’s expected to be a good group of receivers even better. If not? Then the group will be just fine without him.

Carter has also worked with Kevin Glenn before, an added bonus, which gives Glenn a guy he already has some chemistry with as he develops a rapport with the rest of the crew.

All bets are in, the ball is spinning and now we wait and see if Jones’ number comes up or not.

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